12 Jan_2021

LimaCorporate’s expansion continues

The difficult global circumstances did not stop the LimaCorporate effort in expanding its portfolio and to expand the access to international markets. In the last 30 days, we gained regulatory approvals for our shoulder and knee devices in US, Europe, Brazil and New Zealand:

USA: FDA approvals for 5 devices, both shoulder and knee;
Europe: CE approvals for 6 knee devices;
Brazil: ANVISA approval for a knee device;
New Zealand: MedSafe approval for a shoulder device.

Other News

19 Feb_2021

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11 Feb_2021

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29 Jan_2021

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11 Jan_2021

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08 Jan_2021

We are proud to announce the arrival of LimaCorporate in China

01 Jan_2021

Progetto Pore-Bone Bando POR FESR 2014-2020