11 Jan_2021

3D printers at LimaCorporate ProMade PoC Center for Complex Orthopedic Solutions at HSS, New York

LimaCorporate is thrilled to announce the arrival of the first 3D printers to our ProMade PoC Center for Complex Orthopedic Solutions at HSS in NYC.The ProMade PoC Center will also host our EBM printers. We embraced this game-changing technology over 14 years ago when commercially available EBM printers and the associated quality controls did not exist.
LimaCorporate focused on creating proprietary processes and quality controls to deliver the same quality that our customers have come to expect since our beginnings in 1945.
Our success has been validated by our clinical heritage and recent MDR certification for these Class III custom made devices.
The ProMade PoC Center will implement these same proprietary processes and controls.

Other News

19 Feb_2021

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11 Feb_2021

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29 Jan_2021

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12 Jan_2021

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08 Jan_2021

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01 Jan_2021

Progetto Pore-Bone Bando POR FESR 2014-2020