24 Mar_2021

We have made history! We announce the opening of the ProMade PoC Center

We announce the opening of the ProMade PoC Center for Complex Orthopedic Solutions at HSS, a LimaCorporate & HSS (@Hospital for Special Surgery) collaboration.
The first industry owned and operated design and 3D printing center for complex orthopedic solutions on hospital grounds.

The ProMade PoC (Point of Care) Center, LimaCorporate’s first US based manufacturing facility, will deliver faster and more accessible care for U.S. patients requiring patient specific solutions for their complex orthopedic conditions.

On a global scale, LimaCorporate's ProMade engineers are now integrated into the HSS surgeons' and engineers' discussions of these complex cases. They will draw on each other’s experience and expertise to advance solutions for these complex cases worldwide. 

Click here to read the Press Release.

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