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LimaCorporate solidarity has no borders


LimaCorporate announces its solidarity initiatives for Italy and abroad.

The internal Coronavirus Emergency Committee at LimaCorporate and CEO, Luigi Ferrari, unanimously confirmed the activation of solidarity initiatives, not only for Italy, where LimaCorporate is headquartered, but also other countries. In the recent weeks, the Committee has been working to find innovative ways of using the internal technology and know-how within the company to provide needed solutions to the community, hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Specifically, thanks to the long heritage of 3D printing, LimaCorporate is producing personal protective face shields for healthcare workers. The first shields have already been produced and donated to Udine Supplies to other local hospitals and other healthcare facilities will follow as needed.


The collaboration between LimaCorporate with the Red Cross and Red Crescent has also taken shape, both locally and internationally to reflect the worldwide presence of LimaCorporate through the Subsidiaries and distributors network in many countries. LimaCorporate chose the Red Cross and Red Crescent because it is an international reality that will unite all the efforts of LimaCorporate across different countries, therefore making a greater contribution to our communities. Red Cross and Red Crescent will work with each country to collaborate at different levels, based on the local needs of that market.

The global initiatives with Red Cross and Red Crescent include: 

  • direct donation match program (LimaCorporate will match the donation amount of employees worldwide), 
  • donation of material goods (the Red Cross and Red Crescent have a different needs based on each country and each country will determine what goods can be provided), 
  • volunteering (LimaCorporate employees have local Red Cross and Red Crescent contact for those who wish to become a volunteer).

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At a local level, in Italy, we are pleased to collaborate on a blood donation campaign that LimaCorporate will support through the donation of a blood bank van to the Italian Red Cross and Red Crescent and the donation of tablets.

“The health emergency we are experiencing all over the world is putting us in front of great and profound changes: in our personal, professional, and social lives. The pandemic we are witnessing makes us feel powerless, unable to react and face an invisible enemy that is bringing entire countries to their knees, both socially and economically. All of this also leads us to reconsider the values of our lives, to rediscover the importance of certain gestures, to understand that team spirit, which we often talk about, does not apply only to sport or work, but is something essential in life. And now, this team game is called solidarity. There are many ways in which we can all make ourselves useful in this situation: we do not remain indifferent, we bring our contribution to those who need help most in this moment, and we are doing it together as a team” are the words of Luigi Ferrari CEO of LimaCorporate.

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