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- LimaCorporate - Orthopaedic Emotion

- LimaCorporate - Orthopaedic Emotion: .


LimaCorporate announces the Phase 3 kick-off which includes a plan for employees to safely return to the office and much more...


The Company has reviewed all business objectives for 2020 and created a new incentive system which, if met, will allow employees worldwide to cover salaries’ differences that were lost during the peak of the Coronavirus emergency and earn a bonus.
“The famous Lima spirit is stronger than ever,” says Luigi Ferrari, CEO of LimaCorporate, “and our employees are strongly motivated. Their passion was clearly demonstrated in the past lockdown months. I am ready, together with the Management Team and our Advisory Board, to sustain this motivation and award it. People are the most precious value of the Company and we want to show with facts rather than just words, how much we care.”

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