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LimaCorporate - Orthopaedic Emotion

LimaCorporate - Orthopaedic Emotion: LimaCorporate is the Italian multinational in orthopaedics and traumatology. For over 60 years Lima has been present in the medical field with implantable prostheses for knee, hip, shoulder and small joints arthroplasty. LimaCorporate's main objective is to produce a complete system of interchangeable modules to better adapt the implant to each patient's needs, thus reducing surgery time and improving functional rehabilitation. LimaCorporate is strongly committed to internationalization, and has 14 foreign Subsidiaries worldwide alongside its modern production facilities in Italy and the Republic of San Marino..

Trabecular Titanium is a biomaterial characterized by a regular, three-dimensional, hexagonal cell structure that imitates trabecular bone morphology. It has a high open porosity (65%) and a mean pore diameter of 640 µm.

Trabecular Titanium is a unique combination of an interconnected geometric structure and Titanium,  the most extensively used in reconstructive orthopaedics thanks to its favourable properties, like light weight, corrosion resistance, excellent biocompatibility and high mechanical performance.
 The prosthetic components in Trabecular Titanium are built via Electron Beam Melting (EBM) technology, using a high-energy focused beam to locally melt metallic powders layer upon layer in a one-step manufacturing process.

Due to its extremely high flexibility, EBM allows the creation of any three-dimensional design involving either dense or porous parts, this reflects into the great versatility of Trabecular Titanium products.

Trabecular Titaniumis not a coating. The absence of an interface between the external trabecular structure and the bulk provides higher structural solidity and tensile resistance, reducing the risk of delamination, shedding and galvanic effects that are typical of macro-rough coatings.

The geometric repetition of the Trabecular Titanium base cell produces a uniform and highly porous external surface that is responsible for a very high friction coefficient.

High open porosity and adequate pore size are expected to enhance cell migration and vascularization, facilitating the transport of oxygen, nutrients, ions and bone inducing factors, favouring new bone formation. All these features are joined together to create the Trabecular Titanium structure.

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