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08 Jul_2021

LimaCorporate Completed the milestone acquisition of TechMah Medical

30 Jun_2021

eRSA Course 2021 from now on VuMedi

04 Jun_2021

¡Hola España! Online the new Lima Implantes website!

13 May_2021

1st Surgery using the Trabecular Titanium™ Tibial Plate

20 Apr_2021

LimaCorporate is proud to announce the first surgery performed in the Stemless…

06 Apr_2021

LimaCorporate announces the successful completion of the first Total Shoulder…

31 Mar_2021

Online the new Lima Italy website!

24 Mar_2021

We have made history! We announce the opening of the ProMade PoC Center

19 Feb_2021

The CRI mobile blood cart is on the road!

11 Feb_2021

LimaCorporate receives regulatory approvals for Smart SPACE Digital Platform


Lima Online Education

eRSA Course

16 Apr_2021

The videos of the event are now available on our Lima Online Education page

Lima People

Erik Greenhagen image

Meet Erik Greenhagen, Global Director, Med Ed / Sales Training