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LimaCorporate - Orthopaedic Emotion

LimaCorporate - Orthopaedic Emotion: LimaCorporate is the Italian multinational in orthopaedics and traumatology. For over 60 years Lima has been present in the medical field with implantable prostheses for knee, hip, shoulder and small joints arthroplasty. LimaCorporate's main objective is to produce a complete system of interchangeable modules to better adapt the implant to each patient's needs, thus reducing surgery time and improving functional rehabilitation. LimaCorporate is strongly committed to internationalization, and has 14 foreign Subsidiaries worldwide alongside its modern production facilities in Italy and the Republic of San Marino..


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Financial Reports

  • 29/08/2019
    LimaCorporate Interim Financial Report H1 2019 1.2MB
  • 29/05/2019
    LimaCorporate Interim Financial Report March 31, 2019 1.2MB
  • 29/04/2019
    LimaCorporate 2018 Annual Report 3.8MB
  • 28/11/2018
    LimaCorporate Interim Financial Report Q3 2018 1.2MB
  • 28/08/2018
    LimaCorporate Interim Financial Report H1 2018 1.2MB
  • 28/05/2018
    LimaCorporate Interim Financial Report Q1 2018 1.2MB
  • 28/05/2018
    LimaCorporate 2017 Annual Report 3.5MB
  • 29/11/2017
    Limacorporate Interim Financial Report Q3 2017 0.2MB
  • 26/09/2017
    Limacorporate interim financial report 0.2MB