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- LimaCorporate - Orthopaedic Emotion

- LimaCorporate - Orthopaedic Emotion: .


LimaCorporate is proud to announce the donation of a mobile blood van to Croce Rossa Italiana.


The partnership between LimaCorporate and the Red Cross started in April amidst the Coronavirus emergency with the aim of given concrete help in difficult times.

The Mobile blood van to Croce Rossa Italiana marks another milestone in this collaboration and addresses an often-underestimated need that all hospitals have: blood donations.
Blood donation is quite essential for guaranteeing a positive outcome of all kinds of surgeries. This is why LimaCorporate has decided to support the blood donation campaign organized by Croce Rossa Italiana.

The health emergency we are experiencing all over the world is putting us in front of great and profound changes: in our personal, professional, and social lives. Now more than ever it’s important to focus on the collective good and push the boundaries of solidarities.

LimaCorporate has also contributed to the support of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent at the international level to unite all efforts of the company across different countries.
The global initiatives with Red Cross and Red Crescent included direct donation match program, donation of material goods, and volunteering.