How We Do Things

We are a global orthopedics company, focused on digital innovation and tailored hardware, which advances patient centered care.

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Our technological solutions are developed by an enthusiastic team to empower surgeons, and to improve patient outcomes from joint replacement surgery.
We are committed to advancing our abilities, through the development of better digital and hardware solutions, each of which will help us to advance patient centered care.

Pioneering Vision Our innovation is a journey. We know what we want, and we continually push ourselves into unfamiliar territory to challenge the status quo.
Passion and people We strive to have the most passionate, enthusiastic, and responsive team, so that we can develop an attentive and unique relationship.
Our surgeons share more than a partnership with us; we offer a uniquely personal experience, with tailored products and services, driven by shared goals, to restore the eMotion of Motion for our patients. The business relationships we hold are real, our senior management is involved, and we can adapt and react quickly.
Italian design and engineering heritage Where innovation meets expertise lies LimaCorporate.
We are proud of our heritage; over 75 years on from our formation, our commitment to precision and quality remains. Combining our deep expertise and passion for design allows us to achieve excellence in advanced manufacturing, underlined by our commitment to precision testing every single product that we manufacture.

Our innovation is grounded in decades of rigorous processes, clinical research, and manufacturing expertise. It is our history that supports the most pioneering aspects of our business, as we continue to adapt to the pace of innovation in our field, and deliver digital and tailored hardware solutions to help surgeons transform every patients life.


Our Technology

At LimaCorporate, we have a conviction to outdo ourselves and drive innovation. In everything we do, we challenge the status quo to progress digital and hardware technology. We look to continually transform orthopedics for patients.