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Our people are united in helping restore movement for patients: to restore the eMotion of Motion.

Our people are diverse, found in 24 offices around the world. They are enthusiastic, tirelessly innovating for new possibilities. They stand out as pioneers who are inspiring change.

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The word that best describes LimaCorporate is passion: we are all enthusiastic about what we do, we work with great energy and determination which makes the environment very friendly.

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Meet Juan, Doug, Alessio and Giovanni our four engineers working in ProMade POC Center

The word that best describes LimaCorporate is passion: we are all enthusiastic about what we do, we work with great energy and determination which makes the environment very friendly.
Ciao Guys, it’s time to introduce yourselves! What’s your name, what do you do in LimaCorporate and where are you from?

DJ: My name is Doug Jones, and I am a Manufacturing Engineer for the ProMade PoC Center. I now live in New York City but I’m originally from California.
AB: I’m Alessio Barone, I'm from Palermo, Sicily. I work as Process Engineer in LimaCorporate’s Sicilian plant, but now I’m temporarily relocated to the ProMade PoC Center.
GC: I’m Giovanni Caccamo. I was born in Sicily, but I’ve been living in Friuli Venezia Giulia, where LimaCorporate’s headquarters are, for the past seventeen years.
JM: Hi, I am Juan Morales and I work here in the ProMade PoC Center. I’ve been a New Yorker for the past 31 years.

For how long have you been working for LimaCorporate?

DJ: I joined LimaCorporate in February 2021.
JM: I also joined LimaCorporate in early 2021. I guess we’re the newbies.
AB: I started working in LimaCorporate in 2009. It’s already been twelve years.
GC: I beat you all. I joined almost 17 years ago.

Why did you join LimaCorporate?

DJ: I was pretty excited about the ProMade Point of Care Center. I thought it was a very innovative opportunity to open up a brand-new manufacturing site inside a hospital. I thought about the diverse opportunities that I would have in LimaCorporate and about the impact and the help I could give to people.
AB: I think I was at the right place at the right time. The plant in Sicily was growing and I saw a unique opportunity for me. New technologies, a good work environment, and a great team.
GC: For me, it was my first job. I was just eighteen years old, but I had a good feeling about the environment. I was right!
JM: I worked on medical devices before, but only a little. Then I also worked in R&D but wanted to know more about both worlds. That was when I found LimaCorporate.

What are the challenges that you face every day in your work?

DJ: For me, the biggest challenge is adapting to this new industry since I come from the aerospace industry. I’m starting to learn more about medical devices and I'm learning a lot. It’s a very interesting industry but also very regulated which makes it even more challenging and interesting.
AB: Thanks to this experience in the ProMade PoC Center I had the chance to face the many challenges that come from the set-up of a new production facility from the ground up. It was a great professional and personal experience.
GC: In this experience, you need to have a 360 vision of what it takes to build up a production facility. The ProMade PoC Center may be little, but it needs the same things as a big one. We are overseeing everything, from logistics to process validation, to new suppliers and new employees. We never get bored around here.
JM: The main challenge is being a Jack of all trades and knowing a little bit of everything. But I feel like I’m getting better at it and growing professionally

LimaCorporate’s mission is to restore the eMotion of Motion in patients, to make their life healthier and easier. For that reason, we continuously try to transform orthopedics, what does this mean to you?

DJ: I always want to keep the patient in mind in whatever I do. Whether is creating the actual solution or building up a new process to create the implant, we always think about the patient and try to do the best thing. Every day, when I come to work, I think: how I can make the product better? what can I do to make the patient experience better?
AB: What we’re building today, here in the ProMade PoC Center, is driven by technological improvements. For me, it means improving my personal skills. I think that if we all try to improve ourselves, we can also improve processes and products.
GC: It means that LimaCorporate is already one step into the future. I’ve seen many things change since my arrival here and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
JM: I think that everyone I met in LimaCorporate was thinking about the future and how we can create better solutions. What I must do is bringing in new ideas. I’m excited to see what we can accomplish at the ProMade PoC Center, we can really can make a difference in people’s lives by producing custom solutions.

What was the thing that surprised you the most when you first entered the ProMade PoC Center and, of course, LimaCorporate?

DJ: That’s a good question. The thing that really stood out to me when I was in the HQ for training, was how passionate everyone was. It really seemed like everyone was extremely happy to come to work, do their job as best they can and push themselves so they can push the company forward. It seemed like everyone embodied that pioneering vision and it was really cool to see it live on a day-to-day. It was very inspiring. And then, coming to the ProMade PoC Center in New York, it was cool to have such a technological opportunity in the heart of New York City. It’s a first-of-its-kind facility. We're exploring the unknown, and it’s very exciting to be here.
AB: I’ve always managed advanced technology. We are a great team and it’s great to see so many people pushing towards the same goal. That’s what stood out to me and I’m very proud to be part of all of this.
GC: LimaCorporate has been my home for the past 17 years and the ProMade PoC Center is like my child. You can all imagine how happy I was when I saw it come to life. I hope it grows more and more.
JM: One thing that really impressed me when I joined LimaCorporate is that everyone has a passion for engineering and good products but also, I noticed that everyone wants the product to look good. Everyone is focused on good engineering but they also want to maintain a clear Italian design.

This brings us to the next questions which revolve around our Italian design and engineering heritage. How do you think that heritage sets us apart from competitors? Do you feel the “Italian design” living there in New York City?

DJ: You can feel the experience that LimaCorporate has on a day-to-day basis. During the training process, I was able to ask questions to Giovanni and the people in the HQ. I was given very thoughtful answers which was such a huge breath of experience. I would say that in NYC that Italian heritage is still very present and visible.
AB: Our heritage plays a pivotal role. Every new product, every new idea is filtered through our heritage and that makes a huge difference.
GC: I think our heritage is our power. It is what makes our implants unique.
JM: I come from general manufacturing and slowly but surely, I started taking classes in medical additive manufacturing. When US companies were barely starting to use AM, LimaCorporate already had years of experience. That’s the real game-changer for the US but Europe too.

Now that the ProMade PoC Center is open, how do you imagine the future of the center and of orthopedics in general?

DJ: I think that the ProMade PoC Center represents a huge opportunity for the industry. We can only imagine what new technologies will come out of such close collaboration between surgeons and engineers. It’s always very difficult to get everybody in the same room to discuss new ideas and technology, but here, that’s possible. I’m really excited to see what can come out of that. I’m still new to the industry but I think we’ll see fast innovation on solutions and processes that will bring great improvements.
AB: I See two major opportunities from the ProMade PoC Center: the possibility to work in close connection with surgeons but also the possibility to show how we work and how much quality we bring into our implants.
GC: in addition to what Alessio said, I think there’s also the speed of service on the plate.
JM: The point of care is really about lean manufacturing. Everyone is here and that’s important. Quick turnaround, quick design changes, quick success for the patient.

If you had three words to describe LimaCorporate, what would you choose?

DJ: I think that the word that best describes LimaCorporate is passionate. Everyone is passionate in Lima, and everyone works as if the company was their own, which makes the environment very friendly, which is the second word I’d use to describe LimaCorporate. LimaCorporate is also innovative and focused on the transformation of orthopedics.
AB: I agree with Doug. The passion of LimaCorporate employees is evident to everyone who comes and visits us. We’re also innovative, true pioneers in our industry. Moreover, we are committed to precision and quality, so as a third word I’d use quality-focused.
GC: I also agree with both. I would only add international. The fact that me and Alessio are here says a lot about how global and enthusiastic we are.
JM: I agree with my colleagues, we truly are passionate, innovative, and quality-focused.

What do you love about what you do? What drives you?

DJ: Work is very diverse here. Every day I work on something different and that is very exciting. I also work with some great people.
AB: For someone who loves technology and advanced manufacturing this is the right place to be. If you’re an engineer here, you’ll be able to explore everything there is to explore. In the end, also, I love what I do, and that love helps me face every challenge!
GC: For me, it’s the opportunity to start from an idea or a drawing and transform it into something you can touch.
JM: For me, it’s the opportunity to help someone and the technology.

What are you passionate about outside work?

DJ: I spend a lot of time with my family. I recently married and moved to NY. We just like staying outside and explore our new surroundings.
AB: I’m also passionate about my family. They’re the reason I’m here.
GC: I love playing drums and riding my motorcycle. Of course, I love my family too.
JM: I’m also passionate about my family. In general, I love summer and everything that’s related to it.

Meet Erik Greenhagen, Global Director, Med Ed / Sales Training.

With a background of over 25 years in the orthopedics business, Erik’s passion for the industry is truly inspiring. As one of LimaCorporate’s global leaders, he shares his view on what lies ahead for his team, looking at the rise of digitization and how they are stepping up to embrace new ways of working.
Ciao Erik, please introduce yourself. What has influenced your career today, and what led you to a career at LimaCorporate?

Before moving into orthopedics, my university education saw me complete a degree in Human Resources, which, reflecting on my current role, perhaps speaks a bit to the career path I find myself having gone down. That is, knowing and understanding people – after all, LimaCorporate is focussed on people-centric care.

My story is rather unique. My father was in the orthopedics business, so I was exposed to it at a young age and it’s a world I grew up with. At 11 years old I was watching knee and hip replacement procedure videos with my father and was helping him set up surgeries at hospitals across New York! So, I’ve known nothing else.

I was with one of the larger orthopaedic companies for many years and happened to be in the right place at the right time to join LimaCorporate five years ago. My years of experience taking brand new hip and knee products to the US market was a match at a time, when our company was relatively unknown in that market. I was excited by the brand’s “challenger” mentality and will never forget my first engagement with the company in 2016, where I felt the passion and saw the quality of what was being produced.

It was when visiting the manufacturing facility for the first time, when I saw the coordination, the precision testing, and how it all came together. This dedication to quality is at the heart of LimaCorporate and I knew it was the right place for me.

Tell us about your role at LimaCorporate?

I have been fortunate to grow with the company over the years. When the management team created my current position, it was really born out of my passion for what we do. At its core, I lead a team that engages surgeons by providing them with the products they need to provide best in class care to their patients. It’s about nurturing our Sales team so they can interact intelligently with customers and prospects, and ensuring they are equipped with an entrenched knowledge of our and our competitors’ products.

What do you enjoy about your job?

The ability to teach surgeons how to confidently use our products, and to support our sales reps on learning how to engage with surgeons, is incredibly rewarding. I enjoy the passion and focus of everyone I work with. We never let up or give up on our aims and ambition.

How does your team drive innovation?

For some time, we have been developing our digital technologies and capabilities, both on the product and sales side. This has involved upskilling our sales team for success as the world increasingly embraces digitization, as well as continuing to build out more complex components and technologies. Whether opening world-first facilities, such as the ProMade PoC Center, where we placed manufacturing right on the grounds of one of the world’s most significant orthopedic hospitals. Also, the development of our 3D printing and Smart SPACE capabilities, we are continually pushing the envelope to transform and remain pioneers of our industry.

What are some of the challenges you face?

As a team focussed on a hands-on, human experience, the pivot to the current virtual way of working has been a difficult one. We had to adapt quickly, and our team has worked tirelessly to replicate our engagement with customers, prospects, and recreate the same in person experience.

Over the last year we have focussed on not only engaging with our clients virtually, but also with our sales team. What’s transpired has been an incredible build out, both of our online education platforms and their content, but also our virtual events. This shift has enabled us to reach a far greater audience. For example, via our Med Ed side of the business where we provide “Skills Labs” for surgeons.

We know that a “hybrid-approach” to what we do lies ahead; to provide a virtual offering and practical events/tours when possible.

What are you proud of in your career?

Knowing that what we do, and the products we have, can fix patients’ chronic pain, and restore their mobility – this drives me every single day. I’m incredibly passionate about what we do. To see a patient rolled into an O.R., and knowing we are about to solve a complex orthopedic cases, is the greatest feeling.

If you weren’t in this career and company, what would your dream job be?

Cooking is a great passion of mine – no doubt related to my Italian heritage! I grew up with a half Italian mother and grandmother who were phenomenal cooks - plus the food and wine that goes along with it! I love how food brings people together, even via something so simple as a virtual lunch during these difficult times. I am an avid watcher of cookery programmes, which has an element of teaching and coaching there, so that is another area I would explore.

I was close to going to culinary school, and the idea of taking something you are so passionate about and showing that craft to others – it’s magical. If it wasn’t that, I am sure I’d be selling something. It’s in my nature to find a product I’m passionate about and put it in front of people and get them excited about it.

If you feel inspired by Erik’s story and are interested in joining the LimaCorporate family, please visit our careers page to find the latest roles available. We would love to hear from you.

Meet Chiara Gorasso, Quality Management System (QMS) Coordinator.

Joining LimaCorporate nearly four and a half years ago, Chiara is passionate about keeping quality at the heart of everything we do. A biomedical engineer by trade, she shares her journey to LimaCorporate and how her team continues to drive innovation.
Ciao Chiara, please introduce yourself. What has influenced your career today, and what led you to a career at LimaCorporate?

I've always been interested in maths and science. My mother is a maths teacher, and my father is an engineer, so love for sciences runs through my family! At the end of high school, a friend who was a biomedical engineer inspired me to pursue this particular career path, and it was love at first sight. Biomedical engineering is a fusion between engineering, medicine, and anatomy, and I was fascinated to learn about the various technologies and how they are applied to medicine and science

Having completed my bachelor’s degree in Padova, Northern Italy, I moved to Milan to complete my master’s in biomedical engineering. Whilst I didn’t originally specialize in orthopedics, the field has always interested me. LimaCorporate is the biggest medical device company in Friuli, so it was only natural I applied to work here.

I joined LimaCorporate almost four and a half years ago, as a process validation engineer in the company’s Quality Department. After a few months, I had the opportunity to join QMS so transitioned to my current role, which I love.

Tell us about your role at LimaCorporate?

As the QMS Coordinator, I ensure LimaCorporate’s products are compliant with good manufacturing practices, are of the highest quality standards, and satisfy all quality and applicable regulatory requirements. No two days are the same. Whether its organizing internal audits, or contributing to new operating procedures applicable for medical devices processes, my job is always exciting, with different challenges constantly around the corner.

I deal with a range of different business units and their requirements – our work is critical in ensuring all ways of working and procedure updates, that could impact quality, are guaranteed. Whilst my role is internal, I am in constant communication with our external subsidiaries, Authorities, and Notified Bodies (organizations that assess the conformity of certain products before they enter the market), to guarantee all quality requirements are met. I also train manufacturing, design, and development teams to ensure they follow all the applicable requirements defined in the LimaCorporate Quality Management System.

What do you enjoy about your job?

Knowing that the products we create are of the highest quality possible is a great thing to be part of. Quality is always present in LimaCorporate, from the factory floor to the operating table. As a quality engineer, I help our teams provide the best solutions, that not only improve patients’ lives, but change them. I’m curious by nature, and with regulation changing so rapidly that directly impacts companies like ours, I’m driven to help our teams perform.

How does your team drive innovation?

All the quality department is involved in the design and development processes for different activities, working with teams to produce new technologies and solutions. It’s up to us to have our ‘finger on the pulse’ and remain one step ahead of potential regulation. It’s important that our products and procedures are compliant in their respective markets’ requirements around the world. Behind every innovation, and market-leading technology and materials, are quality and applicable regulatory requirements. Without quality in production or processes, we cannot provide the world-class solutions for patients we are renowned for.

What are some of the challenges you face?

Understanding different departments’ needs and managing relationships to ensure they are met is an important part of my job. We work with some of the brightest minds at LimaCorporate, often collaborating with people who have expert technical knowledge and skills. It’s crucial we understand their specific needs and then translate them into a procedure, documents, or operational elements. Managing timeframes and expectations is a challenge, as we’re often tasked with short deadlines. That being said, being polite, calm and kind goes a long way! We are part of a great team and really try to support each other across the business to achieve our shared goal.

What are you proud of in your career?

Most recently, I participated in an external course run by our Notified Body to become an auditor. The training was intense. However, I’m proud to say I’m now qualified as an internal and external auditor.

If you weren’t in this career and company, what would your dream job be?

Funnily enough, when I was seven years old, I was interviewed by my swimming team's newspaper. They asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I said an engineer because my father is one! Now I am one, I love what I do. I love the medical device field, but if I had to choose again, given my passion for sports - swimming, running, hiking - I could see myself coaching. I want to help people, especially children, to develop their hidden talents. Everyone deserves to feel like a champion and know their strengths.

If you feel inspired by Chiara’s story and are interested in joining the LimaCorporate family, please visit our careers page to find the latest roles available. We would love to hear from you.

Meet Nathalie Bye, Global Brand Manager - Knee

With more than ten years of experience in orthopedics and almost two years in LimaCorporate, Nathalie is definitely a talent. The secret behind a  successful career? Create good and lasting relationships.
Ciao Nathalie, please introduce yourself. When and how did you start your career in LimaCorporate? What is your background?

Hi! My name is Nathalie Bye and I’m part of the Global Brand Management Team. I’m responsible for the marketing activities of our Knee Product Portfolio, with specific responsibility to support the USA and Western European markets. I joined LimaCorporate in June 2018 but have been working in the orthopedic sector for 12 years in total. I started my career in orthopedics as a sales rep within the UK and have been a Product Manager, Marketing Manager and National Sales Manager within previous companies. I joined Lima UK subsidiary in 2018 as Marketing Manager for the UK and Ireland responsible for product strategy, key customer engagement and market development and in January 2021 I moved to work in my current role for the Global Brand Management Team.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job? And what makes you proudest about your career?

The most challenging aspect is balancing the time to think and reflect about strategic direction that long-term projects require with the workload that comes from day to day tasks that are required to support the business.
What makes me proudest about my career? Definitely the relationships that I have built with a large number of key surgeons and colleagues in our market, such that they are happy to collaborate with me on many projects & seeing the market growth of a product after a focus upon it with new strategy.

What are the challenges and most interesting aspects of working in such an international environment?

Since university, I’ve never actually worked for a British company. I’ve worked for a French company, then an Irish company promoting German products and now an Italian company. I’m not really sure I know what it’s like to work for a British company! My passion is for getting the best out of people and I enjoy working across many departments and with my colleagues internationally to help grow LimaCorporate business. I find it interesting working with people from different backgrounds and with different experience and find there are not many challenges if you 1st work to build a relationship with people. If you help someone, they will usually in return help you.

What are the required characteristics to work for LimaCorporate, according to you? What advice would you give to someone who wants to work in the orthopedic world and more specifically in LimaCorporate?

You need to be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and to be happy to flex outside your role if something needs to be done as the company is growing and some tasks don’t yet have an obvious owner!
For someone looking to enter the Orthopedic devices market I would say to them to be inquisitive, ask customers lots of questions. Understand why they do what they do and what motivates their decisions, you will learn lots very quickly that way about products as well as surgical practice.
For someone joining LimaCorporate I would recommend that they make sure they tell everyone they meet the history of the company as many customers do not know the brand and this is important to our future.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I’d say: you’re not defined by your mistakes. I always thought that people would judge me so tried to be as perfect as I could. Now I’ve realized that no one cares about the one or two mistakes you make, and they won’t define your capabilities so relax a bit!

In your opinion, which is the real game changer in LimaCorporate? Which is the aspect that makes LimaCorporate a winning company?

The real game changer in LimaCorporate is our engineering capacity and skill, we are able to develop technically advanced materials and implants that will continue to lead the way in the future.
I believe LimaCorporate is a winning company as we have not become so big that it is impersonal, there is management visibility and people work together as a team to succeed.

Dream away, if you could do any other job what would you do and why?

I feel that I still have a lot I want to achieve at Lima but eventually I would like to work as an executive coach helping other people progress in their career, especially if like myself they were a young woman in a male dominated industry! I have always enjoyed developing others and watching them grow in ability and confidence.

Meet Federico Leandrin, ProMade Product Development Coordinator for the USA.

Right after graduation, he started working for LimaCorporate ProMade team when there were only four people! Federico likes to step out of his comfort zone and that's what brought him from Villanova to LimaCorporate new facility on HSS grounds. "Hardware, knowhow, passion and great relationships are the ingredients of these results."
Ciao Federico, please introduce yourself. When and how did you start your career in LimaCorporate? What is your background?

Hi! My name is Federico Leandrin, I’m 29 years old and I’m the ProMade Product Development Coordinator for the USA. I’m now based in the beating heart of NYC at the Hospital for Special Surgery, where I’m responsible for overseeing all custom implants designed and produced for the US market. I joined LimaCorporate in June 2016, after graduating in material engineering with a focus on biomaterials and biomedical technologies. I started my career within the outstanding ProMade team as a Jr Product  Development Engineer (back then there were only four of us!). During the past few years, the whole team has gone through an unprecedented evolution and great opportunities arose as a result.

You’re the first ProMade engineer working and collaborating actively with the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, in LimaCorporate's new facility. What are your feelings about it?

It is an unbelievable experience and I’m proud to be the pioneer of such a game-changing collaboration between LimaCorporate and HSS. Sitting inside the first-ranked hospital in the world for orthopedics, working closely with internationally renowned surgeons to learn how to recognize and address the challenges they’re facing in the most complex cases, are among the high-value aspects that make this cooperation something unique. We’re now working on several projects in HSS and all around the USA and we start seeing the impact our service has in both patient’s life and surgeon practice.

What are the challenges of working in such an innovative environment? Is there something you miss from HQ life?

This experience has been, without a doubt, a radical change for me, professionally and personally. There are so many inputs and stimuli that all this new environment offers every day, that dealing with all of them is probably the most challenging aspect to handle so far. I believe this is part of the innovative nature of what LimaCorporate is building here in HSS and, of course, without the usual “Km 0” support of HQ, everything requires particular attention. This sort of self-management can easily push you towards your limits and, when it occurs, I like to keep in mind that “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”!

In your opinion, what is the impact that the new facility will have on LimaCorporate in a global perspective?

Let’s face it, we have the chance to completely change the way people think about orthopedics and the personalized solution for challenging patients. We’re bringing the technology into surgeon’s hands, where clinical and engineering expertise perfectly match. And I feel like we’re just at the beginning of our journey.

What makes you proudest of your job?

It may sound obvious, but being part of an energetic and dynamic team that recognizes everyone’s contribution, is key. Together we learn from our mistakes and, together, we celebrate success.
Beside this, the opportunity to see my creation evolving from the concept to the final application is something extremely rewarding. Everytime I walk in the OR and I experience the benefit that these unique and personalized creations have on patients, it fills me with pride. Hardware, knowhow, passion and great relationships are the ingredients of these results.

What are the required characteristics to work for LimaCorporate, according to you?

I’ll be honest, I believe I’m still in the stage of defining and finishing of my own skills (and I’m not sure I’ll ever stop doing it!), but what I’ve learned so far, from my experience in LimaCorporate, is that everything can happen very quickly, no matter the entity of the project. You need to be ready to thing outside of the box, be fast in making decisions without being afraid to take the wrong road. Risks and mistakes are part of the business and you, along with your team, should know how to make the most from every experience.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

If I go back a  few years, I’d probably be looking at some nice mountains in Trento, where I attended my master courses and I’d say: keep studying, stay with your passions, don’t be afraid to go abroad and see how the rest of the world works, build relationships. I think everyone’s life is marked by choices, sometimes we voluntarily make the right one, sometimes we do it unwittingly. In any case, I like the idea that, if you keep doing the right thing, good things will happen to you.

Dream away, if you could do any other job what would you do and why?

Honestly speaking, I feel like I have a lot more to learn from what I’m doing now and from the people I work with.
Going forward, I hope I’ll be in the condition to grow new interests and set new personal targets. Surely it would be enriching to extend my knowledge on the functioning of an organization as a whole, not only from the technical and engineering point of view, but also from the business perspective.
I’m usually intrigued by things I don’t know, and I often wonder whether if it’s too late or it takes too long to deepen the knowledge of new topics. I guess I’ll find the answer by trying.