Lima Around The World

We are a global orthopedics company, with 24 offices around the world. Our work is only possible due to the passion and hard work of our colleagues across the globe.

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We focus on expanding our business into the world’s leading markets to achieve a global reach. That’s why we have established 25 direct subsidiaries in Europe, US, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. Combined with a network of distributors, LimaCorporate restores the eMotion of Motion in nearly 50 countries.

Our Numbers

1000+ Staff Worldwide
25 Subsidiaries
3 Production Plants
45+ Countries
Despite our growth into a global business, our relationships mean our partners and our team still feel like family.
In 2004, LimaCorporate opened its first subsidiary in Japan, marking the start of our worldwide expansion. Our international teams are passionate and responsive, so that we can deliver a better local assistance to surgeons and patients. We're working hard to restore the eMotion of Motion for people around the world.

Lima Subsidiaries

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