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LimaCorporate Training & Education: our goal is empowering people.

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LimaCorporate training
The three objectives which guide LimaCorporate’s training plan development for all our stakeholders are:
  • Inspire people with ‘the why’ we are in the orthopedic business
  • Provide information and guidelines
  • Provide a personalized and continuous learning process to accelerate the adequate preparation to provide the market to a high level of service

Product Training

LimaCorporate offers personalized training to all its employees, no matter the department or the country. We also empower the talent our surgeons.

In-person courses, online pieces of training through LimaGenius, the LimaCorporate eLearning platform, Product Training for sales reps with different sessions, practical exercises and surgery simulations, are some examples of what we offer in the HQ and locally to our subsidiaries and distributors.

Internal courses are organized for the engineers and for the Marketing team with a special deep dive in the Operating Room to see, with their own eyes, the final purpose of their work: improve patient’s lives. This experience gives a huge value and motivation to those who are involved in new Product Development and in providing service to surgeons.

Trainers’ program
Different departments like Marketing, HR, R&D and Sales cooperate to offer personalized curriculum starting from a structured onboarding up to an advanced program for expert people. Involvement of the participants is the key to grow fast and in a fast way. We strongly believe in the trainers’ program according to the concept of:
  • SEE ONE – You see how to do it!
  • DO ONE – You do it!
  • TEACH ONE – You teach it!
“There’s no better way to learn than to become a trainer.”
LimaCulture Days
LimaCorporate developed for employees the LimaCulture days. This training program aims to deep-dive into corporate culture, by making people understand the importance of their work within the organization.

Different roles and department come together to share their knowledge and understand how everyone’s work impacts on people’s lives. Topics go from implant production to business administration, and lean management to marketing.

We take care
of our talent

In order to be competitive on the market, it is necessary to invest in the development of technical and soft skills. In LimaCorporate, training is the tool through which any employee can grow, develop his/her talent and stimulate changes in the organization. Thanks to it each employee improves his/her performance as well as the company one.
From the first days of joining LimaCorporate, each new colleague is provided with a structured on-the-job training and, each new manager, included in an on-boarding program aimed at accelerating integration, effectiveness and exposure in the various sectors and departments of the company.
Each year a structured process of analysis of training needs is activated to ensure that training programmes meet the needs of the organization and the individual. Internal training courses promote the acquisition of technical, managerial and transversal skills, in addition to the use of practical tools for effective cross-functional collaboration.

Training represents in LimaCorporate a strategic lever for the growth of the individual and ensures the organization a unique competitive advantage.

Open Factory

More than a Factory.
We are extremely proud of what we do. We are more than happy to share our corporate culture and our expertise digital innovation and technological solutions.

We are committed to create a corporate culture that involves both employees and the local community. Every year we host the Open Factory event, an open-house day for our team members, their families and the community of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. It represents a huge opportunity to show who we are and what we do.

Our passionate Tour Leaders guide guests through the production plants showing them the many facets of our corporate spirit and our sophisticated technological processes.