It is important you feel completely comfortable and understand your joint replacement surgery and recovery.

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How ‘bad’ does my joint pain have to get before I should consider having a joint replacement?
Why do I need a joint replacement?
Are there any major risks?
Will I need to donate blood before surgery?
Are there any medications I should take before the joint replacement?
Are there any medications I should stop taking before surgery?
What should I bring to the hospital?
When should I arrive at the hospital for surgery?
Can I have visitors?
How long will the surgery take?
What happens after I am discharged from the hospital?
Will I need pain relief after I am discharged?
Will I need physical therapy when I go home?
When can I go outside?
How often will I need to see my orthopedic surgeon?
Will I notice anything or will my hip feel different after surgery?
Will I need any specific equipment before I go home?
How long will I need to use my walker or crutches?
When can I go up and down the stairs?
Why do knees need replacing?
How long is the recovery period after a shoulder replacement?

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Your orthopedic surgeon is responsible for all recommendations and decisions about your medical care if you and your surgeon decide that joint replacement is appropriate for you. The following information also does not provide a complete or full discussion of the specifics of joint replacement surgery; the prosthesis that may be used; your care before, during, and after surgery; or the potential complications associated with surgery and your particular condition. Depending upon your particular condition, some of the general information provided may not be applicable to you. You will need to discuss the specifics of your case with your surgeon. LimaCorporate does not guarantee any specific results, recovery or rehabilitation.
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