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25 Sep_2023

EQT Private Equity to sell LimaCorporate to Enovis

14 Sep_2023

Second stop for the TTorch

08 Sep_2023

LimaCorporate participated in the 15th International Conference on Shoulder and…

10 Aug_2023

The TTorch journey has begun!

21 Jul_2023

The Road to 20TT campaign kicks-off

07 Jul_2023

LimaCorporate has been awarded a new international certification, ISO/IEC 27001…

05 Jul_2023

First PRIMA Short Stem surgery in Italy

30 Jun_2023

LimaCorporate is expanding!

23 Jun_2023

Apply to LimaCorporate's Clinical Research programmes

20 Jun_2023

LimaCorporate announces the new Lima Shoulder Pre-Op Planner powered by…

16 Jun_2023

LimaCorporate donates 50,000 euros to support the flooded areas of…

14 Jun_2023

LimaCorporate was "On Air" on Italian Radio RTL 102.5

05 Jun_2023

LimaCorporate's SMR was the first system to address multiple indications of…

01 Jun_2023

LimaCorporate announces first surgeries performed with PRIMA Short Stem in…

26 May_2023

LimaCorporate participated in the EFORT Congress in Wien

18 May_2023

Do you know what joint registries are?

17 May_2023

May is Arthritis Awareness Month. Read Mr David Rose's blog to find out how…

11 May_2023

Mr Barrett's blog celebrates 21 years of the Modular Shoulder System

11 May_2023

1000 cases achieved with the LimaCorporate Physica TT Tibial plate!

08 May_2023

LimaCorporate's PRIMA Humeral System and SMR Stemless System are now…

28 Apr_2023

The 12th edition of the MO.S.A.I.C. Course is live in Hannover!

19 Apr_2023

The role of Scores in clinical research

17 Apr_2023

The Lima Running Team participates in a charity run against cancer

04 Apr_2023

The Lima Running Team participated in the 4x1 Tesis relay race

31 Mar_2023

New Surgeon/Patient interview with surgeon Mr. Barrett and Mr. Blackburn

20 Mar_2023

LimaCorporate half-page advertorial on Italy's most important financial…

08 Mar_2023

LimaCorporate to launch the Break the Bias learning challenge

07 Mar_2023

LimaCorporate participates in the 2023 AAOS Annual meeting.

27 Feb_2023

LimaCorporate participated in the SMILE 2023 Congress

16 Feb_2023

The value of ODEP Ratings in providing high quality orthopedic solutions

11 Feb_2023

Celebrating women in STEM on International Day of Girls and Women in Science

10 Feb_2023

LimaCorporate at the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival

07 Feb_2023

The first edition of the Shoulder Advanced Week

06 Feb_2023

LimaCorporate announces first surgeries performed with the New Glenoid…

20 Jan_2023

LimaCorporate embraces sustainability, two EV charging stations installed at HQ…

13 Jan_2023

The EFESTO Project has the challenging goal of characterizing the fatigue…

13 Jan_2023

LimaCorporate listed by Bonezone as one of the 5 orthopedic companies to watch…

01 Sep_2021

LOGIN - Logistic Innovation: Technology for logistics as the nerve centre of…

08 Sep_2020

PROST3SIS project: for the internalization and industrialization of the…