Why Lima

At LimaCorporate we develop orthopedic implants with patients and physicians in mind.

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We believe that movement is joy and enables us to connect with others. That is why we are committed to restore the eMotion of Motion through orthopedics.
We are experts in orthopedics and design our ‘bio-compatible’ products to naturally fit into the human body. This means our materials are compatible with human biology, and our LimaCorporate technology becomes part of every patient.

Most LimaCorporate products are created using Titanium, a material used in most orthopedic implants. Our heritage of working with Titanium dates to 1970. In 2007 we patented Trabecular Titanium (TT), a new 3D printed technology that better supports new bone formation.

Our Surgeons

Prof. Imai makes the difference with TT

Prof. Shinji Imai talks about his experience with TT
Grafting Rationale in Complex Glenoid Reconstructions

“Bespoke options may be required to address the glenoid bone loss”

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Grafting Clinical Results in Complex Glenoid Reconstructions

“We performed over 350 cases where we’ve used structural graft”

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Complex Glenoid Continuum of Care – Treatment Algorithm

“Having experience allows us to develop this algorithm which we can pass on to low volume users to predict what is required”

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Surgeon Engineer Relationship

“I think the interaction between surgeon and engineer is paramount”

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Clinical Results for Bespoke Solutions

“We have a large series of custom implants and around 80 patients at up to six years follow up”

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Professor Francesco Benazzo's experience with TT

Professor Francesco Benazzo, Key Opinion Leader of LimaCorporate's TT products for primary and revision hip surgery, talks about his experience with our technology

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Prof. Alessandro Castagna: “I consider myself the historical memory of the Modular Shoulder System.”

In this interview, Prof. Castagna retraces the history and evolution of the modular shoulder system.

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Dr. Castelnuovo Experience with UKA

In this video, Dr. Castelnuovo talks about his experience with UKA.

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Prof. Park makes a difference with TT

Prof. Kyung-Soon Park on Trabecular Titanium

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Dr. Kavanaugh makes a difference with TT

Dr. Kavanaugh talks about his experience with Trabecular Titanium.

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Making a difference with TT

Mr. Michael Walton on Trabecular Titanium (TT)

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Dr. Paolo Adravanti, a longtime partner for our knee implants

In This Surgeon's Story, we interview Dr. Paolo Adravanti. We asked him what motivated him to begin a career in orthopedics and what still drives him today.

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Dr. Guido Grappiolo, the first surgeon to use TT

Dr. Guido Grappiolo was the first surgeon to use Trabecular Titanium. The TT is a revolutionary material and we celebrated its 10th year anniversary in 2017.

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Our patients

Mr. Barrett and Mr. Blackburn discuss how shoulder surgery has allowed Mr. Blackburn to return to his passions.

In this real patient story, Mr. Trevor Blackburn talks about the positive impact his shoulder surgery has had on his life.

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Mr. Lowe and Mr. Bale talk about how shoulder surgery made Mr.Lowe's life better

In this real patient story, Mr. Trevor Lowe talks about the positive impact his shoulder surgery has had on his life.

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How ProMade Changed my Life with Dr. Erika Viola and Mr. Fabio Rossetti

ProMade is LimaCorporate’s custom-made design service. In using MRI scans of your joints, we can create orthopedic implants that fit your body perfectly. It is often chosen by physicians for treating severe articular diseases and deformities. Dr. Erika Viola, for instance, used ProMade to restore Mr. Fabio Rossetti's motion after a car crash.

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LimaCorporate spa, as a manufacturer of prosthetic implants, does not practice the medical profession. The choice of the most suitable surgical intervention and technique is necessarily the responsibility of the medical professional. Each surgeon must evaluate the appropriateness of the implant technique he/she intends to carry out in the light of his/her own medical training, experience and clinical evaluation of each individual patient.
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