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Our Global Clinical Research Department conducts clinical trials across the company’s entire portfolio

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Clinical trials are an important process and fundamental to our decision-making. The data we collect and analyse helps ensure our products and services are developed on evidence-based clinical results.

What we do


Manage clinical trials

We manage and oversee clinical investigations aimed to demonstrate the performance and safety of our prosthetic implants. We manage study documentation and data to ensure high quality and compliance to regulations.


Gather and provide clinical data

We gather and analyse clinical data from our clinical trials and scientific literature, we also collaborate with International Joint Registries to collect clinical evidence on our implants. It is our role to provide clinical data to our regulatory department supporting market access requirements and product registrations.


Support and promote scientific knowledge

We support Spontaneous clinical research projects on our products. We foster communication of clinical results in peer-reviewed journals and at scientific events. The Clinical Department regularly collaborates with the sales & Marketing Departments creating dedicated tools to share clinical evidence.

The power of ideas and research

At LimaCorporate, we recognize and appreciate the power of ideas and research.
Our Company Initiated Trials (CITs) and Investigators Initiated Trials (IITs) programmes provide our surgeons with opportunities to advance their medical and scientific knowledge whilst using our products.
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We are committed to supporting IITs that promote the work of external researchers outside our organization. We support independent trials as they help us understand our products better, improve patient care and can spark inspiration for further research.
Trial proposal form (IIT form) The Lima IIT program provides the opportunity for our surgeons and researchers worldwide, interested in conducting their own research, to apply for research support.
How to apply

Researchers are invited to begin the application process by submitting the following information:
  • a summary of the research proposal
  • current CV/resume
  • a list of required information to evaluate the research
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