Discover LimaCorporate’s Hip Replacement options.

LimaCorporate’s Hip Replacement Products are designed to provide orthopedic surgeons with a complete solution and the newest technology for hip replacement.

Our hip implants offer surgeons a continuum of care from primary to revision cases, featuring the most advanced production technology, including 3D printing.
All our hip implants are compatible with ProMade’s dedicated engineering design service, which 3D prints implants according to the patient’s anatomy.

Implant System

Acetabular Cups

LimaCorporate’s Acetabular Cups portfolio is designed to assist surgeons in hip replacement surgeries from primary to revision cases. With a long clinical history, the acetabular cups are created with different materials, including 3D-printed and patented Trabecular Titanium.

DELTA System Primary

Acetabular Liners

DELTA Multihole TT Pro

Femoral Stems

Discover LimaCorporate’s wide femoral stems portfolio, designed to support surgeons undertake primary and revision joint replacement procedures. Cemented and uncemented solutions are available, as well as options for minimally invasive approaches.

Primary Short

Primary Standard



ProMade is a Dedicated Engineering Design Service based on exclusive advanced software that provides reliable anatomic data for the surgeon to design the best bespoke implant for each patient. LimaCorporate’s engineers collaborate with surgeons to develop truly patient-specific solutions for complex orthopedic acetabular reconstructions. ProMade benefits from over 15 years of collaboration with surgeons and leverages our renowned capabilities of 3D printing.


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