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the eMotion of Motion Smart SPACE aims to allow surgeons to plan and position their implants virtually, before operating on their patients.

Using CT-Scans from the patient, surgeons can use the Smart SPACE Planner to simulate their surgery in a pre-operative evaluation of the clinical case.

The platform aim to allow for the development of a 3D Positioners, a patient specific guide which supports the execution of some specific steps of the surgical technique according to the pre-operative planning.



Virtual 3D Planner

Smart SPACE is a virtual platform supporting surgeons on pre-operative case evaluation and intra-operative management.


3D Positioner

Smart SPACE allows for the development of the 3D Positioner, patient specific guide supporting surgeons on management of specific surgical technique steps.

PATIENT SPECIFIC CARE Smart SPACE is an innovative solution that aim to support surgeons to deliver the most appropriate patient-specific care and to improve their clinical outcomes, aiming to provide them with both performance and precision.

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