08 May_2023

LimaCorporate's PRIMA Humeral System and SMR Stemless System are now CE-approved in MDR

It's time to celebrate in LimaCorporate! 

We're happy to announce that our new PRIMA Humeral System is now CE Certified under the new European MDR Regulation!
PRIMA is a new shoulder system that we've been working on for a long time which was not previously certified under the Medical Device Directive. This is therefore a major milestone for LimaCorporate!

Moreover, our SMR Stemless System was also recertified under the MDR.

This shows the incredible teamwork that goes on behind the scenes. There's an incredible amount of work to be done before an implant arrives in the OR, ready to restore the eMotion of Motion in patients.

Several departments collaborate with precision like clockwork to create the best product possible.

Thanks to all the people who passionately worked towards these milestones and treat LimaCorporate as if it's not only the place they work but like their own company.

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