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17 May_2023

May is Arthritis Awareness Month. Read Mr David Rose's blog to find out how LimaCorporate's products are helping patients to achieve long-term recovery.

In the latest in our series of blog posts we hear from Mr David Rose, an orthopaedic surgeon based in Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust who specialises in shoulder and elbow surgery. David talks about his experiences of working with LimaCorporate, the 360 baseplate and how LimaCorporate’s system helps support his patients to achieve recovery in the long-term.


As orthopaedic surgeons, we face many challenges in our jobs, not least the diversity of patients we see and the complex solutions they may require; shoulder arthroplasty is no different. The modularity of the LimaCorporate SMR system provides me with the reassurance that, should patients require further surgery, we can swap out the components, leaving well fixed implants at the bony interface in situ. If the complexity of the case is such that I require a custom-made implant, the SMR enables me to combine off the shelf implants with a custom prosthesis, use the same SMR instrumentation, with the components all compatible across the platform.

A recent development in shoulder implant design, augmented glenoid components such as the Lima 360TT offer a convenient “off-the-shelf” solution to challenging cases involving glenoid bone loss or deformity. LimaCorporate's 360 base plate is highly modular, and the addition of the off-axis X implant allows me to match the bone defect whilst optimising screw positioning. This approach makes it easier to reconstruct the anatomy without compromising fixation, which can help to reduce the risk of complications and improve patient outcomes. If a 7, 15 or 19 degree 360 baseplate will not reconstruct the defect, LimaCorporate offers customised solutions to meet the specific and complex needs of patients regardless of the severity of the defect in the glenoid.

A key component of successful shoulder arthroplasty is the ability of the implants to encourage bone ingrowth. This is particularly important for patients with poor bone stock. In these cases, surgeons can benefit from LimaCorporate’s Trabecular Titanium for primary fixation. Trabecular Titanium is in the DNA of LimaCorporate, with a proven clinical heritage of primary fixation and long-term results. It gives me confidence both in the initial grip and solidity of fixation, but also in the long-term longevity of the implant.
The UK's population is ageing, and rightly demanding to remain more active with a better quality of life into later years. Orthopaedic surgeons will play a central role in ensuring the population remains mobile. With increasing patient age comes growing challenges in terms of bone loss and bone quality; modularity becomes ever more important. I’ve found the 360 baseplate to be of huge reassurance and value in managing such cases.

I’ve worked with LimaCorporate for many years. While it was initially more out of coincidence more than anything given my predecessor worked with them, I continued the partnership. Their representatives are there to provide support for my cases, focusing on the equipment and technicalities we may require. Orthopaedic surgeons are typically collaborative and, in particular, the community of surgeons supported by LimaCorporate is incredibly valuable when discussing complex cases. It gives us a platform to bounce ideas off one another.

For more information about the 360 base plate visit our website here:

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