27 Nov_2023

Huge success for Open Factory 2023

On Sunday 26th November, LimaCorporate took part in Open Factory, an event dedicated to industrial tourism and manufacturing culture, which we attended for the fourth time and which allowed participants to visit our headquarters in Villanova di San Daniele.

This was an opportunity for non-professionals to see what goes into the design, creation and distribution of an orthopaedic prosthesis. New for this edition were three focus sessions, each lasting 40 minutes, dedicated to the following topics
- 3D printing: how it applies to orthopaedic prostheses.
- Artificial intelligence and orthopaedics: what are the developments beyond prostheses?
- What happens in the operating theatre? Find out how a prosthetic operation is carried out.

 The places available to visit LimaCorporate were sold out days in advance, which shows the great success of this edition.

During the event, we showed how LimaCorporate brings back the essence of the movement and highlighted the characteristic 'Lima style' that is admired by surgeons all over the world.

A big thank you to everyone who joined us for this extraordinary occasion!

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