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Physica KR

By understanding the Science of Movement
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Restore Kinematic

Physica system is designed to restore the native knee movement by focusing on a kinematic respecting design.


Optimizing Function

The design aims to optimize the function of the knee to improve the outcomes following TKA.


Precision Execution

The Physica system ensures excellent functional outcomes for all patients as the surgical procedure is easy to follow and the instruments are accurate, easy to use and lead to repeatable and reproducible results. Available for all the configurations (Physica KR, CR, LMC and PS).

Image for Physica System Official Video

Physica System Official Video


The Physica system is a primary total knee system. It features different configurations: The Kinematic Retaining (KR), the Posterior Stabilized (PS), The Lima Medial Congruent (LMC) and the Cruciate Retaining (CR).

& Options

LimaCorporate’s Physica system provides 10 femoral and tibial sizes for all four configurations. It is possible to match ±2 between the femoral component and the tibial insert. This means that our total knee system has five possible combinations

A common cemented or uncemented tibial plate for all the femoral configuration allows intraoperative versatility.

Physica KR femoral component options available: cemented and cementles

Physica KR liner is available in 6 thicknesses and made of UHMWPE or LimaVit.


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Please note that not all products are available and registered in every market. Please contact your LimaCorporate Sales Representative for any further information.

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