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SMR Revision

Balanced by Design
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Dual Conicity Cementless Stems


Dual Conicity Cemented Stems


Modular Large Resection System


Using the clinically proven LimaCorporate SMR System, an orthopedic surgeon can choose implants according to the evolvement of encountered pathologies, whether it is fracture hemi, total shoulder reverse shoulder or revision [1-8].

& Options

SMR Revision 8 cementless stem sizes

SMR Revision 6 cemented stem sizes

SMR Revision 4 Large Resection Stem Sizes

SMR Revision 4 Large Resection modular spacer sizes


Bitzer A, Rondinelli S, Hurwit DJ, Sonnenfeld JJ, Hong IS, Connor PM.

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Makki D, Balbisi B, Arshad MS, Monga P, Bale S, Trail I, Walton M.

Assessing the required glenoid peg penetration in native scapula when bone graft is used during primary and revision shoulderarthroplasty. Shoulder and Elbow. 2021;14(3):269.

Malhas A, Rashid A, Copas D, Bale S, Trail I.

Glenoid bone loss in primary and revision shoulder arthroplasty. Shoulder Elbow. 2016 Oct;8(4):229-40.

Merolla G, Wagner E, Sperling JW, Paladini P, Fabbri E, Porcellini G.

Revision of failed shoulder hemiarthroplasty to reverse total arthroplasty: analysis of 157 revision implants. J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2018 Jan;27(1):75-81.

Weber-Spickschen TS, Alfke D, Agneskirchner JD.

The use of a modular system to convert an anatomical total shoulder arthroplasty to a reverse shoulder arthroplasty. Bone Joint J. 2015:97–1662.


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9013-49-000 VER-02 - SMR Shoulder Prosthesis Instrument Set Card

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SMR Revision - US only - Mach3 Surgical Technique US only

Instrument Care, Cleaning, Disinfections and Sterilization - Orthopaedic Instruments Instructions for Use


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Please note that not all products are available and registered in every market. Please contact your LimaCorporate Sales Representative for any further information.

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