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With many years’ aspiration and commitment to the Chinese market, Lima (Beijing) Medical Devices Co. Ltd. was newly established in Dec 2020 as the China subsidiary of LimaCorporate. The subsidiary is located in Wangjing of Chaoyang District, the 2nd CBD in Beijing, where nearly 20 Global 500 companies are located.

Founded in 1945 LimaCorporate is an Italian-based manufacturer of orthopedic implants offering worldwide a comprehensive range of innovative and high-quality reconstructive orthopedic solutions, including hip, knee, extremities implants and fixation devices, as well as custom-made implants. LimaCorporate focuses on the niche segments of high complexity and growth by innovating product lines in collaboration with a host of respected medical research centers, hospitals and key opinion leaders globally. At today, the company offers a broad international footprint, operating 24 subsidiaries and serving clients in more than 42 countries worldwide through a comprehensive network of direct and indirect sales forces. Maintaining two state-of-the-art production sites in Italy (Villanova di San Daniele, Segesta and New York) and one in US (New York) and employed more than 1000 people globally.

怀着致力于中国市场的多年愿望和决心,Lima Corporate的中国子公司励玛(北京)医疗器械有限公司新近于2020年12月成立。公司坐落于北京第二CBD朝阳区望京地区,毗邻近20家世界500强公司。

Lima Corporate创立于1945年,是一家意大利骨科生产企业,为全球提供全面、创新、优质的关节重建解决方案,包括:人工髋关节、膝关节、四肢关节等假体,骨科内固定器械及客户定制骨科植入物。LimaCorporate通过与众多的医学研究中心、医院、及医生意见领袖紧密合作开展产品创新,致力于高复杂度、高增长的细分市场。今天,我们的足迹遍布世界各地,开办了24家子公司,通过直接或间接的销售网络为全球44个国家的客户提供服务。我们在意大利拥有两个生产基地,在全球雇佣900多名员工。


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Lima (Beijing) Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

中国北京市朝阳区利泽中二路1号中辰大厦6层 616室

Room 616, 6/F Zhongchen Building, No.1 Lize Zhong 2 Road 

Chaoyang District,

Beijing - PR China

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