Discover LimaCorporate’s Knee replacement options.

LimaCorporate’s Knee Replacement Products are designed to provide orthopedic surgeons with a complete solution using the latest technology for knee replacement.

From unicompartmental to total knee arthroplasty, our implants offer surgeons a continuum of care in primary and revision cases.

All our knee implants are compatible with ProMade's dedicated engineering design service, which 3D prints implants according to each patient’s anatomy.

Implant System

Physica system

Physica system is LimaCorporate’s total knee replacement option, whichaims to restore the native knee kinematics and optimize function.

Physica system comes with different options to suit the surgeons’ specific needs, including LimaCorporate’s 3D printed patent technology Trabecular Titanium.

Physica Porous

Physica TT Tibial Plate

Physica KR

Physica CR

Physica LMC

Physica PS


LPSI Knee is LimaCorporate's Personalize Surgical Instruments software to plan surgery and allow a close reproduction that fits the patient's anatomy.


AMF TT Cones

AMF (Anatomic Metaphyseal Fixation) TT Cones are intended for use in skeletally mature patients with severe bone defects. This new technology guarantees surgeons confidence in the OR, with over a decade of clinically proven innovation in 3D printing.

AMF TT Cones

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