16 Feb_2023

The value of ODEP Ratings in providing high quality orthopedic solutions

The purpose of clinical trials is to validate the safety of orthopedic implants' and increase surgeons' trust in the devices they're using.

Medical device companies, like LimaCorporate, require third-party assurance to certify that our implants and processes are of the highest quality and up to standard.

This independent review process is incredibly important to our work. That's why today, as part of LimaCorporate's #thinkclinical campaign, we want to shine a light on the role of the Orthopedic Data Evaluation Panel (ODEP) - an independent panel of experts - who assesses products against performance benchmarks and provide objective ratings on the performance of medical implants.

To find out more about our ODEP Ratings in other areas, visit and search "LimaCorporate" in the left-hand box.

For more information about LimaCorporate's Clinical Trials, we have a dedicated section here.

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