Discover LimaCorporate’s Shoulder replacement options.

LimaCorporate’s Shoulder Replacement Products are designed to provide orthopedic surgeons with a complete solution that benefits from our longtime heritage in additive manufacturing.

From anatomic to reverse shoulder arthroplasty, our implants offer surgeons a continuum of care in primary and revision cases.

All our shoulder replacement options are compatible with ProMade dedicated engineering design service which 3D prints implants according to patients' anatomy.



SMR system is LimaCorporate’s most successful shoulder replacement option (so far). Balanced by design with an evolved modularity, reliable fixation, and proven performance, SMR celebrated its 20th anniversary of clinical history in 2022.  

SMR supports orthopedic surgeons in the management of the continuum of care from primary to revision cases, including ProMade – our dedicated engineering design service made possible by 3D Printing.

SMR system

SMR TT Metal Back and Bone Graft Instrumentation

SMR TT Hybrid Glenoid

SMR TT Augmented 360 MB


ProMade is a Dedicated Engineering Design Service. LimaCorporate’s engineers collaborate «shoulder to shoulder» with surgeons to develop truly patient-specific solutions for complex orthopedic reconstructions. ProMade benefits from over 15 years of collaboration with surgeons and leverages our renowned capabilities of 3D printing.


Lima Shoulder Planner

LimaCorporate pre-op planning software to plan cases in a simple, automated, and independent manner with auto-segmentation technology and an improved user interface.

Lima Shoulder Planner

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