03 Dec_2021

November Medical Education Events Recap

What we missed most these past two years was the possibility of creating a community of surgeons and engaging with them at our headquarters.
Fortunately, in November, we were able to make up for some lost time

We hosted 14 surgeons in our HQ and organized 5 surgeon events involving 13 physicians.

Moreover, we hosted a Virtual Factory Tour involving 50 Italian surgeons and uploaded a new Lima Online Education video.

Other News

25 Jul_2022

Lars Rasmussen is the new Chairperson of the LimaCorporate Advisory Board

22 Jul_2022

Welcome to the newest version of the L.E.A.R.N. MedEd Calendar

13 Jul_2022

Orthofix Medical and LimaCorporate announce a licensing partnership for the…

11 Jul_2022

Lima France's new website is online

08 Jul_2022

LimaCorporate in Paris for the 5th edition of PISC

24 Jun_2022

LimaCorporate exhibited in EFORT, BESS, and Swiss Orthopedics Congress.