11 Jul_2022

Lima France's new website is online

"Home" is wherever there is a LimaCorporate subsidiary. Now, Lima France has its own website, bringing us all closer to home.

Looking to the future, surgeons from France will have a new way to connect with LimaCorporate and our staff!

Check it out here: Lima France 

Other News

29 Sep_2022

LimaCorporate is participating in the next Open Factory event

22 Sep_2022

Master Shoulder Symposium - Americas | Join now

12 Sep_2022

Massimo Calafiore appointed as new LimaCorporate Chief Executive Officer

09 Sep_2022

LimaCorporate participated in the 30th SECEC - ESSE Congress in Dublin

19 Aug_2022

LimaCorporate and Siemens partner up to transform the orthopedic industry

25 Jul_2022

Lars Rasmussen is the new Chairperson of the LimaCorporate Advisory Board