24 Nov_2023

Why is it important to get a scientific abstract right?

In the world of research, scientific papers play a very important role in advancing our collective understanding of modern medicine and technologies. Before being published in scientific journals, research papers have to undergo a rigorous peer review process, which ensure the data and research presented in an article are robust, accurate and communicated clearly.

In this new edition of the #ThinkClinical campaign, we will discuss abstracts - a crucial part of a scientific paper. As the opening paragraph, it functions as a mini-version of a journal article designed to give readers a full, but also concise, understanding of a study's methodology, findings and conclusions.

  1. Introduction: briefly outlines what is the state of the art on the topic. Where an author sets the scene and gives an overview of the topic area being researched.
  2. Aims or purpose of the study: This includes setting out what the author(s) are looking to investigate, hypotheses and/or overarching objectives for the research. what the study set out to investigate.
  3. Materials and methods: This covers contains the process for how the research was undertaken. information to help the reader understand what and how it was done.
  4. Results: This reports the results key findings of the research, particularly the results of the analysis, numerical information about the analysis, and including any significant statistics findings.
  5. Conclusion and discussion: This section highlights the key take-home messages from the study, and is usually the most impactful to. This section has the greatest impact on the reader.

It is important to ensure that a scientific abstract is clear and easy to read, especially given it's frequently the only part of a research paper that people will look at.

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