07 Dec_2022

The ThinkClinical Campaign Starts in LimaCorporate

The #ThinkClinical Campaign has officially started in LimaCorporate

This project aims at explaining the interesting but oftentimes complicated world of clinical trials.

The campaign will have two audiences:
- LimaCorporate employees, especially the salesforce, will be trained on how to read clinical papers to bring evidence to orthopedic surgeons on the results that LimaCorporate's implants are obtaining in terms of efficiency and security.

- Social Media Audience: in the past few years, the pandemic put a light on clinical research but this department is not only essential in pharmacology. 🦠 ALL medical device companies, including LimaCorporate, need Clinical trials to demonstrate the performance and safety of their products.
Our goal is to simplify this world so that people understand what happens behind the scenes of a medical device company.

If you're interested in investigating the role of the Clinical Department, visit the dedicated page on our website.

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