24 Nov_2020

LimaCorporate kicked off dedicated virtual tours of the LimaCorporate headquarters

Given the difficult global circumstances, LimaCorporate has found a new solution to continue engaging surgeons and inviting them to visit our company: customized virtual tours.

Tours will take place live (no pre-recorded videos), with real-time interaction between participants. Surgeons and visitors, always assisted by experienced and qualified professionals and tour leaders, will have the opportunity to virtually visit the production site, the research and development department and our new analysis laboratories. Questions and curiosities will be answered immediately thanks to the interaction in real time. New and modern technologies at the service of our visitors will favor remote communication, making it simple, fast and real.

LimaCorporate’s visit is reserved to Healthcare Professionals. To get more information, we kindly ask you to contact our local Subsidiary at Countries / Subsidiaries.

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